Sunday, December 25, 2011

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart

o<]:o) MERRY CHRISTMAS }=:o)

Merry Christmas my lovely Anna, friends, family and anyone else who is reading this! As I type things that comes to mind this Christmas for me are:

gingerbread.shortbread.Christmas trees.snow. berries.lights. chimneys.

Growing up I've never celebrated Christmas and for once in my life I am experiencing a cold Christmas and it is a magical experience! It was snowing in Nuremberg but not in Prague tomorrow. I can understand why children in movies wish for snow on Christmas eve/ morning and for once I'm  just like one of those children wishing that it will.

Did you know the Czech major celebration is actually on Christmas Eve? Lots of things were closed for today so we we had a really relaxed day. It wasn't too cold to start off with but towards the afternoon it became really windy. We had our buffet breakky and I ate one too many shortbread cookies and had to refrain from eating too much because we had our lunch booking at 1pm.

Before our lunch, we walked to the Dancing Building that HW really wanted to see. She was fascinated by this building and took hundreds of photos of the building. I thought she was mad when approximately an hour ago, after looking through her photos, declared that she didn't think she took a single decent photo of the building. Apparently not the right angle. She makes me laugh. Seriously. The only angle she missed was probably from a bird's eye view!!!

HW's favourite building in Prague

Making fun of HW and pulling a dance move
The other side of the river
Lunch was at Cafe Coloure. We have seen almost everything we wanted to and were more than happy to sit down and enjoy our food with time not being an issue. We were very pleased with our pick and the food and service was great!

HW had the turkey with chestnut sauce. I had the pork schnitzel and the most amazing mashed potato! Note to self: add fried shallots into mash.
And of course DESSERT! A meal is not complete without something sweet.

Raspberry cream cheese cake. It was more cream than cheese texture but it was delicious!
That was my Christmas outfit. Haha! Thanks to packing light, I will be wearing the same thing for tomorrow. We have no plans for tomorrow apart from checking out a Salvador Dali exhibition. There has to be some drinking involved so maybe sparkling wine for breakky or some mulled wine in the evening at the markets or BOTH :)

I am sure you will be getting some merry drinking going on and enjoying your Christmas lunch! I see that you are wearing your polka dot hairband whilst working the turkey :P That will be one juicy tasting turkey! Pics please :)

Warmest wishes, hugs and love from Prague! xxxxxx!

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