Monday, December 19, 2011

Best Birthday Ever!

Heya Chia!

I bet that you are currently travelling with HW! Ahhhh! have a great time! I can't wait to see photos!

In the meantime, so you have something nice to read when you finally find internet connection, I'll catch you up on the best birthday ever!

Friday - everybody's looking forward to the weekend!

It started off on Friday when I had my cocktails and nibbles at Shiro Izakaya. I was super nervous about it throughout the week, as I had explained on that random telephone call I made to you earlier that week, I was really nervous because I was really hoping that people enjoyed themselves. It had been such a long time since I had organised a birthday thing of this size... so yea. I was nervous more so than being excited.

But, as soon as the night came around, things ran extremely well, and I am so very grateful to those who came to celebrate with me. Thanks guys... I really really loved spending my night with you!

Here's some photos from the night. I didn't take too many, because admittedly I got lazy. I was also usually nursing two drinks at the same time, making it hard to hold a camera.

I was so surprised with all the lovely birthday gifts everyone had taken the time and care to give me. I love EVERY gift I was given! It was so perfect that I couldn't believe it! Thank you everyone!! =D

It also made me realise what kind of girl I am. HAHA.

Can you guess from below?
I think I am a mixture of sporty and girly?

The sporty side of me was catered for with a Pilates mat and towel, two boxing gloves (one pink and one black!), a chalk bag for rockclimbing, and a Foot Locker voucher for new running shoes! These were all things that I have really wanted, but had slid down on my priority list because there were other things that I needed to budget for! ^__^

My girly side of me was given Shu Uemura eye shadow, a fluro coral handbag and matching nail polish, a candy jar with macaroons in it, Biotherm cleanser pack, a cute playsuit and a bottle of Baileys. So happy!

I ended up having a later night than intended. Kev had sent me clues throughout the week regarding our plans for Saturday which included "be ready at 6.00am", so I planned to leave the city by 9.30pm. Luckily Clem had insisted to drive me home that night! (Thank you Clem!) I was completely shattered by the time I got home.

So getting into bed around 1.30am, I forced myself to sleep knowing I had a big day ahead of me. I knew this because the other clues Kev had given me was:

  • Wear bathers
  • Bring casual clothes
  • Pack a day bag
  • Bring a waterproof camera


So I woke up at 5.30am and got ready. Before I knew it, Kev was at my door with further clue cards for me to guess what was the plan for the day. In my mind, I was thinking, perhaps we were going to see dolphins? Or perhaps we were going to see some seals. I just didn't know.

Kev eventually revealed that we were going to Rottnest Island, and I was super excited!!!!

Waiting to get on the boat!
My only photo of me with my pineapple earrings before I lost  one of them!

The boat ride took 40 minutes and as soon as we arrived, we had breakfast at Dome. After that, we rented some bikes and made our way to the Basin, which is one of the main swimming areas at Rottnest Island.

Then we went snorkeling! It was sooo pretty! The water was calm and clear (though a little cold) and I just had the time of my life exploring the little holes were the fishes were swimming around.

Stripey fishies!

I love these guys!

It was when we were snorkeling that I lost one of my pineapple earrings. I knew it... I so knew that I would lose it... *sigh* why didn't I just take them off!

Anyways, after snorkeling, Kev and I decided to ride around the whole island! On the way we saw quokkas!

Me trying to make friends with a quokka

One of the funniest things that day, was that I randomly bumped into my cousin Karen, who just so happens to share the same birthday as me! Her boyfriend Howard had also surprised her with a day trip to Rottnest Island! It was sooo cool! We bumped into them at Dome, and then randomly half way around the island when we were cycling. They were going in the opposite direction to us!

Happy birthday to us!

Our awesome boyfriends

Trying to lick the lighthouse

 After Kev and I returned home from Rottnest, I stopped by at home where my parents gave me my birthday cake(s)!

Just when I thought my birthday couldn't get any better, Kev told me to come to his place at around 7.30pm. I was so buggered and just looking forward to watching movies and a quiet night in. However, as soon as I arrived, Kev told me that we were going out to have a little bite. I wasn't that hungry, and I wasn't dressed to go out to anywhere except for perhaps Maccas!

But he took over the driving wheel, and drove towards Scarborough. I had no idea what was going on, and I was super nervous because I had not expected anything to happen that night. I was completely thrown off guard. Kev kept assuring me that it will be ok, and that I didn't have to worry about wearing bummy clothes. I kept asking him 'where are we going to eat?' and he just said 'a place.'

Eventually, we pulled up to a building, which ended up being apartments. Super nice apartments! And he surprised me with getting a nice room for the night! I couldn't believe it! It was a really nice place too with a nice tv! Which was perfect for our movie night! (We ended up watching Inglorious Bastards)

As we entered, Kev then asked 'Can I give you another surprise?' I was like 'HUH? Serious?' and he pulled out a little box, which had this inside of it:

'Poseidon' ring from Frey Wille

I couldn't believe my eyes! loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! It was a ring that I had looked at in Austria, but I couldn't justify purchasing it because I had already bought this ring:

My 'Ode to Joy - Paradise Moonlight' ring by Frey Wille

I wear my Paradise Moonlight ring every day, so whenever I feel down I just look at its bright colours and patterns of nature, and I am taken back to the day I bought it in Salzburg.  But now with my 'Poseidon' ring, I will always think of my birthday with Kev at Rottnest Island, snorkeling and enjoying the sea life!

Ahhhh it was the perfect birthday!

My photos of me opening the last two presents from you are on my ipad! So I will post them up in my next post!

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