Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alvin Sputnik

OMG! Chia! I was lucky enough to watch Alvin Sputnik twice this week!

The first time was on Tuesday night, when Els arranged for a group of us to go. Kev was supposed to come with, but he had to drive down to Walpole for work from Monday and return on Wednesday. So he had to give up his ticket.

Tuesday night was a drama in itself. Trying to get back to my car from work was an issue because the trains had stopped as there was an 'incident' on the track. As a result, it took me an extra hour longer to get back into the city to meet up with Els, Joyce, Sarah, and Marie for dinner.

But the show! Ah! The show was so good! It was only 50 minutes, and it made me laugh, and then tear up all in that short duration! It is about this man named Alvin Sputnik, and he is mourning for his wife. The world has also flooded itself due to global warming, so the world we know it, now sits at the bottom of the sea (Alvin's wife's soul also had fallen into the sea). The survivors live in houses that are floating on water.  Anyways, as Alvin is mourning and contemplating what to do with the rest of his life, he sees an advertisement on the tv about saving the world by trying to find land that has oxygen, submerged under the water. Alvin decides to volunteer to find this land, and on the way, perhaps find the soul of his wife.

Anyways, not to spoil anything, it was bittersweet and I KNEW that Kev would really engage with this show. So after seeing it, I arranged to see it again on Friday with Kev.

It still made me feel all the same emotions as the first time! I love it! And hopefully, if it comes to London, you should try and see it! =D

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