Tuesday, December 27, 2011

An Aussie Christmas

Merry Christmas Chia and HW!

Your photos look so fun! What is it about the dancing building that made it special? It looks pretty cool but is it a bank or something?

Aw! Shortbread and gingerbread for breakfast! YUM!

It still so hard to believe how different Christmas is over there in the Northern Hemisphere, compared to here in Australia. Things do seem magical over there with the winter and the snow, and the rugging up! I watched Michael Buble's Christmas special on TV, and all the songs really just work for a white Christmas with warm food, and warm family and friends.

Australia is just. Well... hahaha sunny! =D

I am so glad that this has been your year to celebrate Christmas! I absolutely love Christmas, and spending it with my family. I love setting up the Christmas tree, and I love watching the presents grow over the month of December.

Our Christmas Tree decorated by Kev and I.
Christmas Day

On Christmas day, I woke up slightly later than usual (5.50am) so I was super stressed when I saw the clock. I jumped out of bed and scooted to the fridge- I had to get that bird into the oven by 6.

I was able to get Otto into the oven on time! Fewf! (Kev named him Otto... and I only realised why he suggested the name, when we started eating him). This is how Otto looked after 10 minutes in the oven:

Browning Otto

I took Otto out after 10-15 minutes and then placed bacon on the top, to prevent burning, and to keep the moisture in:

While Otto was roasting, Kev arrived with Christmas cheer! Otto stayed in the oven for approximately 3 hours and 20 minutes and was basted every so often.

Otto ready to be taken out!

 When Otto was taken out, we started to make the gravy.

Kev carefully skimming off the fat of the Otto's juices  that were in the oven pan.

Cooking the vegetables that were stuffed into Otto

Hrmm... gravy mix.

We ended up having lunch around 11.30am, and the turkey was delicious! It had a fresh lemon flavour infused throughout the meat, and the apple cider and walnut gravy really set it off!

Our Christmas lunch.
Mom was amazing, and prepared all the accompanying dishes within 1 hour! It's astonishing what Moms can do with so little time!

Our lunch was finished off with Pavlova and mixed berries. I just loveeeeed this!!! It was so light and so refreshing! 

Oooooh yea...
Boxing Day

The next day, Kev and I went to Ben's new apartment for a Christmas party.  Here are some pics from the day:

Lena's hundreds and thousands ninja fairybread! I loved this sooo much! Hiiiiyaaah!

The Christmas group

Sword play was unavoidable

Our Secret Santa

It was a great relaxing day. I just ate, drank cider and chilled. Ended up taking a quick nap at around 8pm just before heading to the movies to watch Tin Tin! OH! You were so right! It was a great movie!

Anywho, I'm going to head off now. I am going to go learn how to make Xiao Long Bao! =D

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year!

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