Friday, December 16, 2011

Baking presents

Hi Anna

Great to see pics of you and your pressies! I really hope you like them. That pic of you with the pineapples was EXACTLY what I thought about when I saw those earrings. I love  how they are made in London too :)

I also like the pic of you with your bag! hehe.. You look like you have been spinning around and someone caught you on camera!

As I type this, I am waiting for my cranberry and sunflower seed biscotti to bake. I decided I would make a grand total of 12 presents for the teachers at school consisting entirely of my baked goods. Yesterday I made gingerbread men snaps and almond flake and chocolate dipped biscotti. I thought it wouldn't complete without my favourite cranberry and sunflower seed biscotti because they are in Christmas colours of red and green.

I borrowed the cutter from class. Benefits of working with children oh yeah!
Gingerbread men snaps!
Almond flakes and chocolate biscotti
My favourite Christmas cranberry and sunflower seed biscotti
The kids have given me Christmas cards, and it really touches my heart because this is the first time I've received Christmas cards titled Miss O! Last two years it was Ibu Chia! I also received chocolates and wine from the kids and staff thatI am very surprised with because I've only been at the school for a short time.  It will be strange going back after the holidays and seeing the same children since their end of the school year is in August. 
Presents and cards from staff and children
I have been busy I haven't even thought about anything apart from what HW might like for breakky or eat while she is staying here for a couple of days. I haven't packed or anything like that at all! I know for sure this Saturday I will be going to Oxford Street again. I love walking up and down the street especially now because they close the entire strip up for shoppers and I think it's a lot of fun to get in on the action even though it's rather packed but only if I'm not in a hurry.  Last weekend I was there twice but I couldn't find everything that I needed for winter.

Oxford St last Sunday
I can't believe I will see her  in 3 days! I wouldn't have thought I'd see her in London the last time I saw her! And in 4 days I will be in NUREMBERG! Hopefully exploring plenty of Christmas markets and seeing some snow :D Will definitely continue blogging so long there is internet access :)
A little bit down with the cold and since the weekend, I have been trying to catch up sleep but no luck. Plus even though you woke me up the other night, it really was great to hear your voice and chat to you even though I was half asleep! Totally worth it :)

Edit: OMG I'm just about to die from excitement My housemate just told me that it was forecasted for light snow tomorrow afternoon. Best news of my life,..well apart from a few other events of course!! If it does, perfect way to end the teaching term and kick start the winter holidays!!!

I'm a little scared that there is noone to restrain me from prancing around in the playground when it snows. Fingers crossed that I may just have photos for you tomorrow of my first experience of SNOWWWWWWWW!

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