Friday, December 23, 2011

Snow, gingerbread and Christmas markets in Nuremberg

Hi Anna!

We arrived in Prague from Nuremberg about 2 hours ago and we have wi fi here! Wohoo!! Time to get my blogging going :)

Anyway. today we spent pretty much the day travelling and looking for the hotel. For the rest of the day I think we are going to take it easy and check out the sauna later on.

Here are some photos to show you what we've been up to.

My rocking horse gingerbread from the Christmas markets

We walked through beautiful specks of snow to get up to the Nuremberg castle

Thrilled that it snowed!! It was so cold we couldn't walk for long without ducking inside for a hot chocolate.


Gorgeous decorations made from wood

HW looking for some decorations. The stalls were glistening with heaps of decorations from metal, pewter, wood and glass.
Only 3 more days until Christmas! It's not forecasted to snow while we are in Prague :( Boo! Hoping for a white Christmas, but that won't be happening. Will post when we do a few things in Prague tomorrow. I'm making HW dress in Christmas colours for our Christmas photos hehe...

PS. You look so pretty in your photos and luck you for having the best birthday ever :) You deserve only the best!

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