Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas carols and winter fair

Hi Anna!

Yes of course you can open the present! tehehhee... you will find out why once you open it. Be sure to read the card first though :) I really hope you like it!

Today the Christmas spirit well and truly kicked in thanks to the school's assembly but not without a tinge of sadness. The choir sung some Christmas songs and it made me miss working at my previous school so much. When I was working in that school I wished I worked in a larger one. But now that I'm in that situation, it made me miss working in a small school. All the memories of last year's  Christmas assembly poured in and I longed for a time machine to take me back once more. I remember decorating the tree for the play, making stockings with the children, singing Christmas carols. I miss it :( One of the best times of my life! At the moment I can't get Ruldoph the Red Nosed Reindeer out of my head!

The children spent all of yesterday baking and icing gingerbread men cookies to sell at the school's winter fair. I believe together the 4 Year 2 classes made about 800 cookies in total! You know how much of a sweet tooth I have so when I tell you that I didn't dare taste one, you can just imagine how scared I was about eating them! Hygeine and self control is definitely not a strong point for these children. Well who could blame them? They smelt really good! We had children licking their fingers, scratching their hair, touching their face etc during the process.

During the fair this afternoon, I couldn't resist  buying this cute puppet made by the children in Year 3. Not exactly sure what I'll do with it but it was far too cute to resist.

Adorable yes?
There was a good turn out to the fair considering about 80% of the school are Muslims and don't celebrate Christmas. The cookies alone made 210 pounds!

Last but not least, this is the second time a particular student has depicted me looking like this. I hope it's not just me that's drawn like this.

Does a size-of-the-world bum make up for missing arms?

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