Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas partying

Hi Anna

Well well. I'm a little sick again thanks to a wild weekend of partying. I had so much fun at the staff Christmas dinner on Friday night. It was held near the Wembley Olympic Stadium and it was pretty cool to see the area. No photos from the night at all though. I just found it a little weird and nobody else was taking photos either.

The best bit was that I met these guys that worked for the London Underground and after my colleagues left, I continued on with them to this out of town Carribean bar. Very edgy place and I learnt a few Carribean moves. No idea where I was (literally hopped in the car with them.. I know- stranger danger! But I trusted these guys and in the end I had a blast. It was just an odd place to be and I certainly would not have picked it to go out with my friends.

The next day I suffered for it. I was working on 3 hours of sleep and I get a little emo when I'm hungover. Oh dear. Today was a real struggle too. I'm down with the cold again.

I am really looking forward to seeing HW on Sunday. I feel really bad that she has done all of the planning and all I've done is booked the flights! Yikes! The thing I'm looking forward to most apart from seeing her, would be a box of Arnott's BBQ and pizza shapes. I think that would make my Christmas even if we weren't going anywhere else.

I really REALLY hope you like your presents! I'm just so glad it got to you in time before your birthday. Promise me you will take lots of photos on your birthday! I can't wait to see/hear all about it :)

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