Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Sandiest Silliest Summer Getaway

Hey Chia!

Wowie! You've been very busy! Thank you for the double post!

I must say I love your skirts! I've walked in Miss Brown a few times (they have a shop in the City too!) However, I've never bought anything! I just enjoy walking through as I am drawn by the palette of colours that all the clothes are carefully organised into. I usually find one or two items that tickle my fancy, however, I always walk out empty handed. Your skirts are beautiful! Super jealous of your bargain, vintage find!

Just looking at your blog made me miss the weekend!

Thank you for being such a super elf and organising all the food, accommodation and transport! Your choice in food really hit the spot! I loved loved loved all the yummy vegetable snacks, the three olive dip, tomatoes... I just want to eat them again!

From my point of view, Friday just went on forever! I wanted to leave work as soon as I walked into the office and sat at my desk that morning. Your smses in the afternoon made me mentally 'check out' at around 3pm.

I was so excited about our mini get away and quite amused that I was actually 'on the way' for once! This was going to be our first time to Lancelin, located north of Perth.

Road Trip!

We know where we are headed to!

We made such great time while making use of the long summer days! Though we left my place at 6.30pm, we were able to enjoy the long warm evening, and avoid driving during night.

The long horizon

The sun peaking though the trees

Once we arrived at our accommodation  we were both hungry! I can remember wanting to dive into the goodies that you had prepared for us!

Our room for the night

I too enjoyed the D & Ms. Nothing like a good chat on a road trip! It's amazing what good food, a relaxed atmosphere and MnM's cookies can do! I loved how we ended up moving the food from the table and squishing them all onto our spare bed where we just lazed on there and chatted about where we had been and where we plan to go.  Not to mention a few moments of star gazing and seeing two shooting stars each! I must say we are very lucky!

I also laugh at our irrational fretting about the bed, and you recalling your experience with bed bugs on your Contiki Tour. After that, what was once an inviting bed, turned into a bed where you and I wrapped ourselves in sarongs in order to avoid ducking under the blankets. Luckily it was the ideal summer night. Not too hot and not too cold.

The next morning I awoke at 5.30am with my throat killing me. I tried to stay quiet so that I wouldn't wake miss sleeping beauty next to me, however, you woke up soon after and were gung-ho for a morning walk!

You also humoured my 'barefeet' running/walking trial and so off we went, on barefoot, to find the ocean.

Morning photo!

Our accommodation

Hrmmmm MnM cookieeeeee

Once we returned from our morning walk we ate our breakfast (the left overs of Friday night) packed up and started our day. After asking the receptionist, we knew that we had to make our way to 'Special 7'  to pick up sand boards for some sand boarding!

Our map!

We were bubbling with excitement about our adventure! I was pleased that you were also happy to do the sand boarding early as the weather forecast was for a hot one!

Us excited! I loooove this photo!

Though it was a short drive, we still made the most of the car ride there; especially once you put on your cool Arabic tunessss...

Haha! I think we did a pretty good job keeping a dead straight face. I was about to burst out laughing any minute!

When we arrived at the dunes our adventure started! And so did the wind and heat!

At the entry to the dunes

You and the crazy winds that picked up the sand
At the top!

Going down!

Well... not really going down... but I must say it was just as fun as going down, perhaps a little funnier!

Here we are actually going down:

We didn't get a lot of smooth rides, and the video we got of me was the only smooth one.  After trying different parts of the dunes with no success of achieving a smooth ride down, (due to not using the wax, as you had mentioned earlier) we ended up just taking fun snaps at the top. Here's a few pics:

Summer Sandy Babe

Climbing up a sandy "mountain"

After all the hard work walking up those sand dunes in the sun, our two hour time limit was up! And just when we realised that using wax was what we needed to make the boards fly!

However, we were hot and I know that I needed a drink and a break from the sand flying in my eyes!

After returning the boards and getting some yummy icy poles, we made it to the beach for a quick dip in the ocean and to finish off our food for lunch.

Nothing like a picnic after a morning filled with exercise!

Oh GOD! I slept with my mouth open?!?!? HAHAHA! Oh no! I guess Chinny's video was true then! I can't have them saying I sleep with my mouth open and now you, and continue to deny it! Well I definitely appreciate that you still love me despite me sleeping with my mouth open, drooling everywhere! =D


  1. Looks like you caught the elephant unaware when you took that shot in the room.

  2. Mr Grandpotato- Are you referring to my beloved Sainsbury bag? You are too observant.

    BTW, Anna, I was only kidding about the sleeping with mouth open in the car. However, you did sleep with your mouth open when we were in Spain.