Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A holiday for days would keep the doctor away

Hi Anna!

I'm wondering if you were going to post about Lancelin. I'm keen to see the photos on your camera and the videos of us going down the sand dunes. Anyway. here is my recollection of Lancelin :)

Lancelin was a mini holiday that was very much needed. As much as I love Perth, the wanderlust globetrotter part of me desperately needed to be revitalised. I miss having adventures and and since I can't afford a holiday, a trip to Lancelin was a perfect alternative for a cheap getaway. Who says travel can't be fun AND cheap?

I picked Anna up on Friday afternoon and we checked in for Friday night at Lancelin Lodge which is also a hostel, but we booked a twin room so we had some privacy.

Packing our Anna-and-Chia-picnic dinner
Less than two hours drive from Perth. All ready for our romantic getaway. Haha!
 Nothing like D & Ms with your best friend all night long. That is D for dirty and M for mortifying. The night sky was spectacular and for the first time I witnessed not only my first shooting star, but a few too!

The next morning we went for a walk at about 6. It was a little chilly but it started to warm up by the time we came back.

Mummy long legs
Early morning walk/jog to the jetty and back. Good thing we are both early risers and morning people.
Lancelin jetty
Sneaky shot whilst Anna was busy packing.
 After we checked out at 10am from Lancelin Lodge, we went to the store to hire our sandboards.

Long walk up
We are incredibly blessed to be living less than 2 hours drive away from this!
Giving our legs a rest on the boards

Basking in the sun not by choice. It doesn't look like it was hot, but we were slathered with sunscreen, sweat and sand and walking up the sand dunes felt like one step forward, fifty steps back.

Pretending to look as if we were going down the dunes. Quite an accurate depiction. I'm the one screaming unnecessarily and Anna is calm and looking quite the pro.
I presumed after an hour we would've had enough, however despite the heat, we carried on up and down the sand dunes determined to make the perfect ride down. We did not find out until much too late that we were suppose to use the dam wax chalk (contrary to what the man at the store told us!) and we couldn't get a smooth descent. It was such a struggle getting up again that we were going to give up. Thank goodness Anna has a gungho attitude and we persisted though we were ingesting cups of sand through our mouth/ears/nose and crisping in the sun. Finally we got a couple of good descents and decided to end on a high. By then it was past noon and our two hour rental was up and it became a crowded and difficult to dodge the people that were on the dunes.

It was a relief to return the sandboards and sit outside the deli having not one, but TWO popsicles. This is how we do it.

With our Lifesavers.

With our Paddle Pop Cyclones. This was our favourite!

We took a short dip into the beach to wash off all the sand. The water was really cold so we didn't stay for long. We found the perfect bench and nibbled away.

Our picnic lunch of leftovers near the beach.
And just like that it was time to go back to Perth. I really felt like the 'man' in our relationship when I drove back with Anna dozing away. Mouth wide open. Tongue on the side. Drooling. Snoring.  If only I was irresponsible enough to take a photo of her whilst I was driving....

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