Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Australia Day Perth!

Hope you are having a fabulous long Australia Day weekend Anna :)

 I know people complain that there isn't a lot to do but I love this city! Admittedly, it may not be the best city to live in if you're single but with an open mind and actively looking for things to do, anything is possible.

Some reasons off the top of my head why I love this city. I'm not sure if they convince people to come to Perth for the first time though.

1. It's so easy to get around in your car.  Apart from the roadworks, it's ridiculously convenient to drive anywhere.
2. It's sparkling clean.
3. Sandy white beaches and sparkling waters are a short half hour drive away.
4. The pride and maintenance of our parks, picnics and barbeque facilities especially Kings Park and South Perth.
5. People are friendly and smile at you wherever you go, but my favourite of course is when I'm going for a walk.

Of course there are a lot more but I have never appreciated the above more than anything else after living and travelling in various countries.

I'm curious to know what you love about Perth :)

Here is what I wore yesterday. I was on a mission to make it crazy.

Getting my green and gold on.
Christina brought these along. Best homemade cupcakes EVER! I had three and a half cookie monsters :) Figured I could have more than one if I reduce the calories by removing the eyes and mouth. Not a fan of marshmallows unfortunately.

Guess where one of them went?

We had fish and chips ready to eat by the foreshore to watch the fireworks, but we left before we even decided on a spot we were swamped by mosquitoes. So back to the apartment where dinner was eaten in comfort.
And what better way to celebrate this beautiful country by being in the outdoors and hiking the next morning.  Alarm was set at 6am. Four hours of sleep did not stop me!
Exactly what that says
Deciding which way to go
Plenty of energy to expend. Must be the cupcakes.
Figured second time round it was easier to walk across it rather than craw.
Why does it always feel higher than you think?
Discovered and delighted by little shiny crystallised sap balls
Discovered and disgusted by clusters of caterpillars/grubs/wriggly furry somethings
On the way back to the car we saw a family of four kangaroos making their way through the carpark. Lucky us!

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