Saturday, January 12, 2013

Feeling Loved

Hey Chia!

You're doing a lot better than me in the blogging department! Two back to back posts! Fun for me because I have fun stuff to read!

Your holidays looked so sunny, fun and bright! I lovvvvveee the colours! And the beach! I haven't been to the beach this year! So I really want to go soon!

The drawing session sounds like a wonderful time! I think that so long as you guys are able to finish one piece, whether it's atrocious or art, I think you guys would have achieved something! The time spent together, the catching up, and just being with the 'creative moment'. It is hard to get such moments these days when life is just zooming by. That's the rate that I think life is going on for me at this moment.

How are things going with my new years resolution? LOL terribly!

I've had bad sleep so far this year! Especially Fridays. I come home and get into bed, and then I find myself on YouTube. Terrible! I end up getting to sleep around 2.30am and then I wake at 6.00am out of habit! As a consequence, I am exhausted all Saturday, with only Sunday as my full 'alert' weekend, and by then its now looking towards the new working week.

I have been working on my posture though. That's a plus.

This week has been by far one of the most happiest weeks I've had in the longest time! Obviously it started off when we met up for lunch on Tuesday! You were such a dear to come into the city to see me, and brighten up my day! Not only that you came bearing gifts! Ah! Your homemade muesli is now my breakfast and I look forward to eating it every morning!

Yummy! And so lovingly wrapped up!

Then on Wednesday, I had an awesome time at volleyball! We all played very hard and despite being a little rusty from the holidays, we all played well! Shaz, Els and I played one man short as Kev was sick, and we were so sweaty, puffed and physically tired from the game. But I loved that feeling!  After that, we all went to Hungry Jacks to undo our good work and met up with Chins who had finished his basketball game.  He also brought his laptop into the restaurant which was a little strange, but little did I know that he had brought it in for a hilarious surprise!

He and Shaz, and a whole bunch of people - Joyce, Suey, Jason, Wilbur, Kev, Els, Seh and Ben had put time in, to make me a song and a music video to go with it! It was a belated birthday present, which I was told was initially made in 2009, but Chins had lost the video due to a computer thing.  So this year he re-made it, with a different song, but with snippits of the old song included, and footage from the old video too!

It was so good Chia! It made me laugh and was really really thoughtful and touching. Here's some screenshots of my favourite scenes:

What does it spell? :)

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?

Love it!

The colourful sporty clothes was just soooooooo awesome! I loved it so much! I just love watching it because of all the fun and summery vibes it gave off! I must admit though, seeing Chins and Kev in girls clothing made me also realise that they perhaps have way too much fun in girls clothing... but for the love of the art, I guess they must do, what they must do! HAHA!

Chins and Shaz told me that the park scenes were filmed in 2009, which made sense as Sarah was in the video. It also was filmed prior to Kev and I getting together and also prior to Chins and Shaz getting together. Those scenes just remind me of when life was fun, and reckless and just happy. Everyone would come out to play after work regardless of having work the next day. How times have changed.

Jason, Joyce, Suey and Wilbur's spelling scene apparently was filmed in December last year! They are so cute! They all hopped around the floor to spell my name for the video! Awww guys!

I have loaded the song and the video onto my iPhone now! And I know that when things get too serious, or down, I'm going to listen/watch this song in order to remind me that life isn't always serious and sad!

Then on Thursday, I bought my first terrarium! Something to keep me sane at work!

I've named the little duck Fredrick!
I saw this in a pop up store at 140 William Street called Society Handmade. Kev had bought me a pair of earrings for me from there, and I just so happened to stumble across it when I was walking around during lunch time on Wednesday. I saw this and fell in love! Though it was a little pricey, so I didn't buy it initially. However, on Thursday, I knew I had to have it for work, as my other plants had died over the Christmas break. It's like a little world in there. I am unsure of what tree is inside at this point in time. I've contacted the seller and hopefully I'll find out soon!

Hope you have a great weekend Chia!

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