Friday, January 4, 2013

Big kickstart to 2013 with great friends, food, fun and plenty of resolutions

Hi Anna!

Happy New Year to you, friends, readers and the blog!

What a great read of  your Bali holiday! I felt like I was on a holiday with your family and Kev and I loved all the photos that you posted. Such gorgeous photos of you and your beautiful family. They were funny especially Kev and Scott's synchronised swimming. Looks like quality Olympic stuff to me.

I really miss diving and reading about your experience was a little nudge to  use my frequent flyers for a trip to Phuket. I find cuttlefish a little creepy though. I've seen a couple when diving and also a documentary on them and the more cuttlefish that flashed across the screen, the more alien like they appeared to me (an alien head without a body. EW!) and it started making me nervous watching them swim and change colours. Moray eels are a little scary too. In my experience, they hide in their holes and come out and bare their nasty tiny teeth at you. They always look very angry to me :( Jee I'm sounding like a big wimp here.

I have been to Bali twice but never to Rock Bar. Everyone who has been to Bali seems to have but not me :( Views are spectacular too. How did this slip by me. Hrm... Well the next time I have a handsome gentleman by my side, I will be sure to visit this scenic place for a cocktail or two.

You should also try and make your own kite like the one you liked. Well maybe a simple version? I haven't flown a kite since I was a kid and Perth would be the perfect place to do it since there is usually an afternoon breeze.

What have I been doing?  Definitely been doing a lot of eating and not enough exercising. It has  come to my attention that my friends can COOK. And better than I can! For years I've secretly thought I was THE culinary expert but now I've been proven wrong and I'm more than happy to throw that thought out the window. These skills have just been revealed to me and I certainly hope it's not the last I experience them :p

On Christmas day I had a scrumptious lunch made by HW. There were other food too but let's focus on her roast pork and vegetables :p They were so wholesome and full of flavour and I think I ate most of the parsnip. Yummo! This meal really meant a lot to me because I've known HW since we were kids and to watch her grow into this domesticated young lady and prepare such a lovely spread melted me away.
I love the cultural integration of this Christmas lunch

Roast pork. Even if it was a 40C day, it went down very well.
I came home and calculated that I ate about 800 calories worth of those rochers. Good thing it was difficult to calculate the calories of her homemade trifle. Heavenlyyyy!
I've also upped the Chia-craziness in the form of dressing.I did not have any Santa hats or reindeer ears so I decided to pin and adorn myself with Christmas decorations that I purchased with HW during our white Christmas last year.

Outrageous colours and decorations. Just because I can!
More eating was done on NYE at Christina's. She's right, she does make a mean potato salad and for the first time I tried chicken and pistachio terrine and couldn't believe that she made it herself. Astounding. There is something about home made food that makes me feel so.... content and lovvvvvved!

This is what I wore to NYE at Christina's. My inspiration was fun colour combinations. Christina also had a similar outfit and it was fun that we almost matched. I can't wait to channel more colour combinations. I have a few more up my sleeve for that special occasion requiring some craziness. I've had interesting/ hilarious experiences with NYE (last year was in bed watching Mr Bean whilst HW was fast asleep in Munich!!!!)  but this year it was great food, company and  board games! Who would've thought? I would've loved to party it with you and I've never done a big NYE out in Perth, but I guess this was not the year.
Healthy too! Oh and I marinated those kebabs.
The strangest and worst board game ever. Team Females couldn't even get one question right :/ What a laugh!

This makes me laugh too. Maybe it's the thought of having 4 of me. combined with my duh expression top right. This is the first time I've tried green make up and wow, I am deeeelighted, which is why it felt necessary to bombard you with my face. Last minutely I decided against wearing the earrings to Christina's and opted for subtle green studs instead. Sometimes you just need to know how to tone it down a notch. Haha!
I've been getting plenty of beach too! Bless those that are unemployed/ on leave to keep me company. Very much appreciated :D Mind you, I enjoyed solitude on the last day of 2012 with a good book and beautiful beach weather and calm waters. Is it much of a surprise that I spent the first day of 2013 at the beach too?

Again I went to the beach today with Christina. First time in Scarbs and my goodness, not the best conditions. We were dumped wave after wave. Nothing like an excuse to frolic in the sand and 'make love to the camera' in the words of Christina. 

More coral colours and fixing my wind strewn hair.
I know, I know.. I'm getting carried away with instant editing.

Let's get down to more serious business now.

This was my 2012 resolution copied and pasted from last year's post:

1.Get fit and join the gym and classes
2. Keep in touch with my aunty, grandma and family more often
3. Send snail mail frequently
4. Draw and paint more, take up an art class
5. Read more
6. Try anything unfamiliar or new

How I went:

1. I did join the gym in London, did not join any classes though. Coincidentally chocolate consumption and baking increased too.
2. Definitely did not keep in touch with my aunty and grandma enough. But I did organise and had an amazing time in Portugal and Italy with my parents.
3. This did not happen to the degree I expected. It stretched as far as sending Christmas cards.
4. I certainly started drawing more. Very pleased with the effort but I did not find an art class to sign up with.
5. Definitely accomplished this one.
6. This have got me into trouble at times. Otherwise online dating and most recently, nude beach and frisbee-ing is good testament to this.

Time the world knew about my hot pink flying disc.
I would like to carry on my 2012 resolutions and add another 6 for 2013:
(A bit ambitious I hear you say! Don't worry, some of these goals I have already set the wheels in motion.)

1. Get a full time teaching job and move out
2. Spend more time with family and friends that mean a lot to me
3. Get outdoor and explore Perth
4. Enter a drawing/ painting competition
5. Take up contemporary dance class
 6. Blog more often, even if it's just a short paragraph and pic

It is exciting to set these resolutions. I was telling Weng the other day that if I put them in print or tell someone about things I want to do, immediately there is some accountability for it. Here you have it, written in pixels or dots or whatever you call it.

Now I was saying that the wheels are already in motion for number 3.  If plans go accordingly, next week we will be on a little mini adventure to Lancelin :) More annaandchia adventures to be had. Picture this: a dinky battered camper VW, windows that cannot be rolled up, wind blowing through, tussled hair, me-driving, you- ukele in hand belting out Taylor Swift tunes, me- rolling my eyes but singing along with you (out of tune) and loving it, and all of this recorded on video. Ibiza take two? Yes? Shame it's only a short drive. Haha!

And so I would like to end this post by saying
Life is too short, have fun and do what makes you HAPPY!!!

 I am looking forward to the adventures that awaits

Bring on 2013!

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