Thursday, January 24, 2013

Still drawing strong

Hi Anna :-)

The week is nearly over and the long weekend is just around the corner. To think we were in Lancelin last week. The hilarity of it all was relived through your post. Your recount, photos AND videos captured what I missed. I am thoroughly ashamed (and amused!) about the videos and I've been told that it conjured some laughs for our readers so that is all that matters. Life is too short to be too serious yes?  It's addictive though. I want more adventures and more experiences.  I'm a greedy guts :)

Back to placid old Perth. This is what I made for lunch for Wednesday's drawing sesh with Christina.

I call it The Gazillion Veggie Thai Salad.
 I read a couple of Thai crunchy salad recipes online and thought I'd increase the amount and variety of veggies because we love our veggies. Crunch, chomp, crunch. Yummy, but there was plenty of chopping involved.

In went:

red cabbage
Thai basil
spring onions

rice noodles

and for the dressing:
soy sauce
fish sauce
chilli flakes
white vinegar

I really love our drawing sessions. I'm embracing all this free time to unleash my creativity and master drawing with pencils.I don't know if I mentioned, but each Wednesday we aim to complete a drawing.

First Wednesday I drew the orange as you've seen previously and Christina drew this wickedly delicious apple. Doesn't it look like it came straight from Snow White? Who would blame her for taking a bite of this apple.

Second Wednesday she drew this

In action

 And I drew this Australian rodent

Rough outline
Getting there
Finished. A bit of instagramming touch up
And yesterday she drew this. I think she said it was a Kingfisher.
Before water
After water
Isn't it incredibly stunning the way the colours come alive when you add water with a thin brush and glide the pencils over whilst it's still wet?

As for my drawing, it's incomplete and not ready to see the world yet.
Time for bed and a little wishful thinking... maybe one day we'll make millions as illustrators.
Nighty night!

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