Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Hi Anna!

Indeed it was a hot morning and what followed, a very hot day. Would love to make it to the beach with you but I need to save some of my skin for the rest of the summer. Oh and for this weekend too :)

I chose to stay indoors today even though I had a few errands to do.

This is what I drew today.
Graceful treefrog. I call it My Frog Prince.

This is what I bought yesterday. They were all half price so I couldn't say no. 
Coral, red and nude.

This is what happened on Friday. 

Really friendly strangers that really know how to party
Spontaneously I went dancing and had excessive amounts of fun. I danced... and danced.. and danced... in heels! Four days later I'm still paying for it :(  It was a great night and felt as if I was on a mini escapade because we were at Elephant and Barrow and Mustang Bar and I haven't been there in years. There was live music at both places and the atmosphere was definitely conducive to dancing all night long.

Back to the topic of footwear and wise footwear choices, would you consider pair of those Vikram gorilla feet lookalike things. Or is it called bikram? No, that's yoga. 

I love your terrarium! That is sad to hear that poor Phyllis didn't make it over the break. Do you have a name for your new plant?

Also, you have to show me this video that Chinny made. He seems to have a talent in the video field if I recall correctly, they can be rather hilarious if they aren't about you.

Enjoy the beach!

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