Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vintage love and prints

Hi Anna

I'm going to do two posts in a day. This one is to say how much I LOVE my new skirts and dress from a vintage shop in Northbridge. I think it's called Miss Brown's or something like that. Ching and I wandered down William Street after a very scrumptious brunch. I wasn't intending on doing any purchasing but I walked out with two skirts and a dress.

Little brunch at Tuck Shop

Love my smoked salmon!
  I have never felt so excited about clothes in Perth before but I love anything vintage and one off pieces. I also have a thing for unusual prints and long skirts/ maxis sand the floral one is a dream combination.We haven't figured out what the red print is about but I love how abstract it is. There were so many prints to choose from and quite a large selection of items. A lot of them were half price too!
Midi skirt, knee length skirt and a knee length dres. All $30 each. I couldn't resist!
 Perth definitely has started to catch up with the rest of the world. I can't wait to see more of these stores with one off affordable vintage pieces that are actually wearable.

The sales lady Mary was so helpful (turns out she lived in Hampstead too!)  and she had such a delicate and English accent. Made me miss London a bit. HI PENE if you're reading :) Actually I dedicate this post to you because you love vintage too!

Also, love the print of this Zara scarf Ching got for me from her holiday in the states. She knows I love my animals and prints :)

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