Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hot morning

Morning Chia!

So I woke up this morning all energized for a run. I then checked my phone to see what the weather was like and to my horror it was 29 degrees!! At 5.30am!

I decided to take this run easy since it was so muggy, heavy and oppressive. And in light of me taking it easy I decided to try out barefoot running.

I started off with my running shoes on but running on the balls of my feet. I did it for most of my run! It made me slower, but I assumed that I needed to be slower to ease in the different muscles that were being worked.

Panoramic shot of my morning run today. Looks cool, but it was  29 degrees!

I then took a detour and ran up and down the beach with my shoes in my hands. This was no different to me playing indoor beach volleyball.

The hard part came when I ran back onto the path and on the road to go back home barefoot. That was a challenge for my feet, ankles and all those tiny stabilizing muscles. It was hard, but interesting to experiment.
I started thinking about barefoot running because of a TED talk I saw last night:

It was pretty interesting. Chris talks about the theory that shoes have changed the mechanics on how we run, giving us more problems and injuries than if we didn't have shoes. Interesting, but not persuasive enough for me to be a believer. So I'm testing his theory.

As I'm stretching now, the stabilizing muscles on the top of my left foot is throbbing. Those babies haven't been worked out before! Haha!

Oh and when I got back home I checked the weather again:

It's just getting hotter. I hope it stays hot so that I can hit the beach after work!

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