Thursday, January 10, 2013

Start of our drawing sessions

Hi Anna :)

Ok I'm not doing a very good job of keeping up with the regular blogging as part of my resolution. I'll get there.

Yesterday Christina and I started our little drawing get together. The number one ingredient to a good drawing is a calm and relaxed state of mind. No distractions, no thoughts. Otherwise that is reflected in my drawing. It was difficult to start off with because with Christina next to me, all I wanted to do was talk. Also we were stumped on what to draw. After less than an hour, this was the end result. I can't stand the way I shaded the orange and the shadow. Very poorly. So many things I need to work on.

I wish I took a photo of what she drew. I thought it was rather impressive considering she hasn't done it for 10 years, not since Year 12 Art. She reminded me that was how long it has been since we finished high school or 10 years since we started uni. Wow. Think back to when you started uni, that was a decade ago! Frightening how fast it's gone.

 We had a go at drawing each other, but that was disastrous and I couldn't stop laughing when I sketched Christina and she said she looked like a sumo wrestler. I regret throwing that one out. From now on I will keep the disastrous drawings especially if they are funny.

Then we had some lunch! I always forget she's Korean. Apparently it's not her best version of the dish (I forget the name, it had pork and kimchi in it) but to me, it was fabulous! I love the strong garlic, vinegar and chilli flavours of Korean food and I took my time savouring each spoonful until nothing was left. Check out my long spindly arms.

Happy Thursday :)

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