Monday, March 26, 2012


Hi Anna

I don't know what triggered it but I woke up this morning at about 3am. I was panicked and sweating. I had a terrible nightmare and it was really disturbing and it made me feel sick and  scared to go back to sleep. I can't quite remember details of it now but I remember waking up thinking who could I talk to?

Having a lack of sleep affected me throughout the day. I should've gone out but I had a lazy Sunday and I spent the day baking berry muffins and crackers. It was also my turn to clean the house and I spent most of the morning hoovering and getting a real good work out from it too! There is so much dust in the area.

 In the afternoon I went for a jog to the nearest park and it was slightly uncomfortable because I stood out from miles away. I was incredibly disappointed because there was rubbish everywhere from picnickers not bothering to put it in the in. It makes me sad and it made me even sadder that I'm not living near Hampstead Heath. I miss it there so much :( I just have to think of the positives, like the cheaper groceries and a bigger room and a house with a backyard.

Thank goodness for your blog post. I was waiting eagerly for it and it made me smile. I LOVE the whole idea! How creative! Wish I came up with something like that. Your design is gorgeous too Anna! It's got this sweet vintage look and ten times better than Cath Kidston! I love the birds on it, they certainly symbolise travels and freedom to me. I think it's the sweetest what Kev has been doing for you. Forgive me but what does Mr P.O.P stand for?  Although he should wait for you to read my blog before he does. Just kidding!

I also loved looking through their FB page. I think we should start a FB fan page! What do you think?

I tried sketching from the top of my head to get my creativity going but for 15 minutes I just wasn't feeling it and had no patience and too heavy with my pencil strokes.

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