Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New years resolution

Heya Chia!

I hope I still get to hear from you once a week at least! You've been super good with posts this year, by posting frequently and keeping me going!

Do you like your new role?

At the moment, I am hot. It's super dry hot in my room, despite the crazy lighting and thunderstorm this early morning. I really want to hit the beach soon... However, even though I have been 'blessed' with forced leave until next Monday, no one is available for beach time as they all have returned to work.

Hrm... My new years resolution last year was to improve my posture and get more sleep. The sleep resolution I definitely succeeded in! However my posture requires more work.

I think this year, my new years resolutions will be to continue to work on better posture, and to try to exercise once a day.

Don't worry, I am, super jealous of you and HW, having had the chance to travel around these hols. I wish I had planned something this for these holidays as I have such a long fored leave period which eats up half of my annual leave anyways... Oh wells. I can't wait for your photos when you DO find the time to post them up!

Rest well Chia!

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