Monday, January 30, 2012

11 more days until I swim in the Dead Sea!


I finally got the iphone 4s in white!! Yay! Now we can forever relay msgs back and forth!

Anyway, NEXT Friday will be half term and I will be off to Jordan for a week! I can't wait! I managed to convince Lauren to come with me. It didn't take a lot of effort because she had always wanted to see that part of the world too. Tonight she came over and I was craving Chinese so I made beef stir fry in black bean sauce and we had a good catch up sesh and started planning for accommodation etc. I am really excited that I have someone to explore and experience Jordan with :D

Things I cannot wait to do:
See PETRA. Oh yeah another 'new' Wonder of the World crossed off!

...And float in the Dead Sea! I've always wanted to do this! Will deliberately bring a book for this occasion :P

Anyway, this Saturday Lauren and I plan to have a big night out. Last week was stressful and this week will be stressful too. I will be observed by senior management in one of my lessons but not sure which one. It will be like a surprise- nerve wrecking stuff!

I have been good and haven't gone out the last two weekends. It's just been too cold. Probably not a good idea anyway to go out since I am so vulnerable to the cold.. ARGH! But this weekend I think I will need it.

Well some interesting material for the blog. I thought I'll tell you that I met up with a guy from internet dating website this morning for the second time. He's Scottish and he's a university lecturer/researcher and we had a nice coffee in the morning and chatted for an hour or so. I'm suppose to meet another guy on Friday night but he seemed a little too showy. He runs his own consultancy firm and his profile pic features him and his beemer. I know I shouldn't judge until I meet him I suppose, but it was a put off.

Anyway, hope that goss makes up for my lack of blogging!

Hope you have a good morning! Off to bed now, it's almost 1030pm and usual wake at 600am for work tomorrow. Night :)

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