Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia Day 2012

Hey Chia!

Thanks for your advice about travelling and stuff. (A shout out to Mouse too!)

Your post has given me something to think about, and the encouragement is definitely helping!

I am SO HAPPY that you received the photobook when you did! I was hoping that it didn't take too long for it to get to you. I hope it will make you smile when you need a little pick me up! I know that it definitely makes me smile when I look at it! That page that covers our night in Ibiza was so fun to do up. I just kept giggling to myself in delight as our photos are so funny, and there are SO many of them. Ah, what cheap Spanish wine, happy music and a camera can do! Such cheap entertainment! =P you know, today is Australia Day.

It is so weird having a public holiday in the middle of the week. Going to work tomorrow is just going to feel off.

The past 2 weeks have finally brought us the summer that Perthians are used to. For a while, I thought we would be stuck with a warmish, humid summer. But no, I was wrong.

Kev and I at the beach for a late Friday arvo swim last week

Anyways, today was HOT. Hot, hot hot! The hottest point of the day was around 2pm and the heat reached 41.9 degrees Celsius.

We were given the heads up all week about this, so Kev and I decided to make our snorkeling trip to Point Perron an early one to avoid the extreme UV and to avoid the heat. We ended up having Shaz and Chinny join us for the quick day trip too!

The water was amazing. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

When I mean amazing, I mean that as soon as we got into the water, I hardly shivered or complained of being cold. I was just in cool, blue, fresh paradise. We had some currents, which posed a bit of a challenge swimming around and seeing things. Visibility was also not ideal. However, after looking hard and swimming around for a bit, I was able to get some footage of some fishes!

A school of fish:

The 3 fishes that made my snorkeling trip today:

We snorkeled for about one and a half hours until we got out. The weather was well and truly on its way to getting unbearable, so we all quickly got out of the sun. Shaz and Chins returned to Perth, and Kev and I went to find lunch. But we didn't stay out for long, we too also wanted to return back to Perth to get some heat relief.

Strangely enough, around 6pm it started raining heavily with thunder and lightning! The weather has definitely cooled down, but when opened my window, it smelt like Indonesia. You know, that thick, humid, hot smell.

I hope I can get some sleep in this heat tonight!

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