Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anna train

Hi Anna!

I've been really busy on the weekend and the whole of last week too. Unfortunately no photos to show you. HW is leaving on Thursday morning and I feel like a bad host for not taking her around. I spent half the day on Sunday recovering from a tiny hangover, and the most exciting part of the day was going grocery shopping with HW! haha.. how exciting! I love going grocery shopping though. I made HW some awesome pizza and I'm proud of myself that she liked it because I've always know her to be slightly picky with her food :p Toppings included: fetta, rocket, parma ham, mushrooms on a garlic focacia base.

God knows when I'll get around to the photos from Vienna and Munich. So far this weekend looks like a quiet one.

But I have this photo from Nuremberg Christmas Markets for you :)

On a random note, I picked up my dry cleaning today. Is it normal to get a buzz out of freshly laundered clothes? It was the highlight of my day!

1 comment:

  1. Oh CHIA!!! I love the ANNA TRAINNNNN!!!! =D

    IT'S SUPER CUTEEE!!!! AAAUUGGHH!!! I wanna dieeee!

    P.S Not unusual... something about laundered clothes that make them seem cleaner than when you do them yourself... =)