Thursday, January 26, 2012

My first photobook!!

Hi Anna!
Embarrassing! I think taking these photos were a lot more fun than actually going out.
Loved foraging through the markets with you :D
I can't believe WE DID LA TOMATINA!!! One day my children will be telling their friends what a cool mum they have lol!

This has been the background of my lappy for some time now :D

For some strange reason I KNEW what it would be once I got a slip in the post stating that I had something to pick up from the post office when I got home this evening. Lucky for me the post office was opened until 8pm. I dropped off my things and went out again otherwise I'd have to wait until Saturday to pick it up.

THANK YOU for your thoughtful gift. I am blown away by how much thought you put into it! I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!! I have been meaning for ages to get some photos developed but I haven't had time even though literally downstairs there is a photo shop! I miss our adventures in Spain immensely!

I feel like your lover or something like that to be given something so sweet and thoughtful. Maybe I won't need to ever have a boyfriend since I have you! I'm going to thumb through it every night as my bedtime book. 

Happy Australia Day tomorrow!!


  1. p.s How did you know I was sending you a photobook??

    1. I didn't until I realised it had to b from u and the first thing I thought of was something ersonal from u... Also I rem u looking thru the photos a while back so it all clicked !