Thursday, August 30, 2012

One week, one year

Hi Anna!

Glad you liked that little gift. Aw... it reminds me of the wonderful time I had in Florence with my parents. Strange that it arrived after I've seen you. If only I had known I'd be in Perth I'd given it to you in person.

It's been one week in Perth. What has happened? Well actually not much and I know not much has happened and it is worrying that I haven't taken any photos at all apart from when we went out last Saturday night.

Later on the afternoon I'm picking up my new secondhand car and that really means I have to give Perth a good try. I've spoken to my mentor and I'm thinking of doing volunteer work whilst I wait for my teaching registration to go through. I'm also going to try relief work. We shall see. It is a little scary being unemployed but it's definitely what I need right now. Some time to recover and like my mentor says,  'to recharge my batteries'.

It has also been one year since we joined in on the madness of La Tomatina. I know two separate sets of friends that are doing it this year too. I wonder if they've had experiences of dried seeds flaking onto their pillows the next morning. When will be our next crazy adventure? I'm already missing the travelling and it's only been a week back. However I had a great week catching up with friends and of course wining and dining with you, my perfect Saturday night date. Not even a jaw dropping dead gorgeous hunky dory guy could make it as exciting and fun as you did. I sensed mum suspected I was on a date with a guy. Sorry to disappoint!

Feeling 18 and definitely must've looked it too!
No 26 is not old. You're not 27 yet December baby! What is troubling is looking young and not being able to attract people your age. Like we've experienced, either too old or too young. Like that 20 year old guy. Doesn't help when men tend to look older than their age either.

Anyway, this is just the beginning. Here's to plenty more AnnaandChia adventures!

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