Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Perth and hello Perthlings

Hi Anna!!!!!!!!! Or should I say Sassy Wolf? :P

Excessive use  of exclamation marks. I know I overuse them when I write but of course there is a reason why there are so many this time :) By now most of my friends know that I'm back in Perth and no longer am I halfway across the world and oceans away from you. I'm in the same city as you!

The last week has been tumultuous for me but short story was I missed my friends and family and made the huge decision to be back home. When I was in KL, there were a few sleepless nights and billion thoughts running through my head, but in the end I'm glad that I'm here.  I didn't want to discuss it with anyone because I wanted to make sure it was what I wanted to do. I know it might be selfish at times, but I've always made sure my happiness comes first. I made sure I enjoyed KL as much as I could after I made the decision. I wandered down the streets ducking into little hawker stores for a bite, window shopped, and even went to watch a movie by myself to kill some time before the flight. I forget how cheap it is in KL- 3 AUD for a ticket. I have no idea what I'll do in the next week/month/year but I'm going to take it as it comes and really enjoy and appreciate what I have here.

It was unbelievably good to be stepping out of the airport and on the way home. Mum picked me up in the wee hours and I couldn't stop commenting how clean and orderly everything was. The wide open spaces, the fresh air, the clear morning sky, it seems I've forgotten how beautiful Perth is. Coming straight from KL and becoming an expert in navigating through crowds in London made my trip to the shops to get my license renewed and new sim card extremely... well.. too quiet and calm. I think I expected traffic jams and surges of people to flood through the shops.

I expect everyone will tell me that not much has changed, and I think it's fascinating that not much has changed at all. Definitely helps with the transition. But if one looks into the smaller of things, I think there will be plenty of things that have changed and I cannot wait to hear all about it. I cannot wait to congratulate wedded couples in person. I cannot wait to meet friend's daugther for the first time. Of course I cannot wait to congratulate you in person on your grand final win and to hear your account of the Mudd Rush :)

What an entertaining way to spend the day! It immediately reminded me of Wipeout or one of those crazy Japanese shows with contestants that try to cross a balance beam and unfortunately get bashed by big giant foam hands into mud or something. Out of all the activities you described and on the videos, I think my favourite would be the water slide. One day I'm going to relive and upstage my pre primary days and roll out a huge plastic tarp and have soapy water to make a slippery way down a giant hill. I wish I was there to watch the team go through all the obstacles, what a laugh it would be.

That's all from me for now.  I'll leave you with a photos of food I've eaten in KL and the last of my solo travelling adventures until a long while I think. I might just stay put as a Perthling... we shall see! Looking forward to seeing you and perhaps it will end up as a Mez like night.

Sat here smelling in the smokey wafts of satays while waiting for my noodles. Wished I had room for satays :( Times like these I wished I had people to share food with.

Heavenly coconut juice straight from the shell and wanton noodles.
One rainy night I craved for duck and more noodles!
Late lunch across the hotel. Man in green heaved a whole pile of the briyani rice on my plate and I scooped up and helped myself to some lamb from the bain marie.

Not the most impressive looking plate but believe it was bursting with all sorts of spices and flavours and only over 3 AUD.
Waiting for the lights and on my way to Pavillion Mall to watch The Expendables.Thank goodness it was action. A few tears were shed though! Yikes! I learnt a few Malay words thanks to the subtitles.
Fresh fruit. I hate how regretful I get when I look at food photos. In this case, wished I had the jackfruit on top of the watermelon and guava.
Takeaway nasi ayam or chicken rice. I don't think I even need to mention the price, take a guess!

Smiles but definitely a huge dollop of uncertainty right there and then. My flight didn't leave until midnight so I checked out as late as I could. Can't believe I lugged around nearly 50kg from London with me!

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