Monday, April 30, 2012

Romanian bbq and pillow fighting in Ibiza

Hi Anna

Thanks for taking the time to blog :) You know how much your blogs make me smile. At first glance I thought the necklace were made from peas! hehe! The photos of Yallingup are beautiful and you're very lucky to spot the dolphin. I think it adds to the magical moment to witness something alone. It's like your little private secret.

Yesterday marked one year in London. Amazing huh? So many things have happened and it is the strangest the way things have turned out. The work, the friends, the life, the houses, the places, the sights, the travels, the ups, the downs, the adventures..the MEN! I spend a lot of time pondering over this when I am sweating it out in the gym. As of this month, internet dating is over. My membership expires mid May and I have no interest in renewing it. But I am sure there will still be some stories though...

Fingers crossed I may be in KL in August. I haven't told my parents anything yet. Maybe because I don't want to get their hopes high that I'm moving back closer to home. Strange how I'm quite happy to announce it to the world yet keep it unknown to them. It's the way I roll!

Last night was Sanda's birthday. The best thing about having a party in the house is that you can walk upstairs and straight into bed! There was so much Romanian food and I was pretty much eating and drinking and blasted with Romanian disco music. It was the worst weather ever for a bbq but luckily they set up a gazebo in the yard.

Group pic with the birthday girl. Cake must've been too heavy for smiling lol. Baby Sebby takes all the attention!
Cute Sebby!

Pene's turn! There was plenty of  wanting babies talk going between us.

The detox drink not. Pretending to like the mojito that one of the guests prepared haha! Blended up mint is not a good idea!
Those hand rolled minced sausages were yum!
Our makeshift bbq in the backyard. This is how they do it in London/Romania. Umbrella for the rain, chair to the right and bbq levelled at chair height. Note the coat. It was FREEZING outside. If you know me, I was actually just posing for the photo. I spent about 2 minutes here only because the man in charge was on a toilet break lol!

I just went through our Spain pics again just so I can see your cheeky smile! I think we agreed not to publish the collection of our pillow fight in Ibiza but looking at these again, how could we not?!
Whoa we're in IBIZA!
Whoa! We're pillow fighting!
Oh boy!!! I'm very excited where I'll be next and fingers crossed we can share more madness abroad!Have a good week and please pray for sunny weather for my sanity :)

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