Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello from Singapore

Your post really made me nostalgic! It's true! So much time as passed since we started this blog and you were off on your adventure! You were leaving and I was sad. I felt like you were moving forward and I felt like I was stuck in my job and in life.

I was sent to the airport by my parents. It was sad to say goodbye to them, but for me, if they were not at the airport, it wouldn't be the same. Haha. They've always sent me off!

Our flight on jetstar was far from relaxing. We barely got any sleep and when we arrived in Singapore at 5am, little did we know that we wouldn't be sleeping till 1am the next day!

Because checkin was at 2pm, Kev and I decided to walk around Singapore and find some food. We walked a good 15km and had sore achey feet by 3pm. We then had a quick nap before meeting up with Jnet and Darryn for dinner.

We ate so much... Oh my god. So much.


Today we are off to the zoo!

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