Saturday, October 12, 2013

Chillin in the Maldives with MWSRP

Hey Chia!

Love the photo of you mixing music! What a dj!

It must have been great to catch up with friends over good food!

Things here in the Maldives have been pretty awesome, I've been slowly getting used to sea sickness which is a big plus. I can now ride the Dhoni without needing to fight off the urge to purge. However, I still feel nauseous at times and still get land sickness (swaying).

I've been learning heaps about whale sharks, the ocean, people in the industry and about myself too. I really enjoy chatting about the importance of conservation with the MWSRP team and they have wonderful ideas and experiences around this area. I also enjoy hearing their active lives. They all have been well travelled and live each day on the basis of living simply and sustainably.  I feel my mind expanding each day.

Time out on the boat for hours on end is great thinking time. It really has made me appreciate living and being in the moment and not being caught up on things like money and material things. I didn't think I was too materialistic before (except for my passion for gadgets) as I really paid attention to the small things in life, but I think that now, living out of a suitcase, wearing the same icebreaker shirt every day and being able to wash it every night, as made me really reconsider all the stuff I have. Like really, do I need 30-50 different tops etc?

I have 4 quick dry button down tops from mountain designs, however, I still find myself just washing my icebreaker top at night to wear it for the next day. I love the feel of the fine merino wool, it's stretchy, and I like the colour. No one judges here. :) I'm considering sending 2 of those tops back home so I just have 3 tops when we go to Europe.

You were so right about packing light. The guys at MWSRP were impressed at how light Kev and I had packed, however, I wanna make myself lighter. I think I did pretty well except for the shirt and for the toiletries department. I packed my Biotherm face washes, and they at so much weight. I never use them here too... Hrmmm

Anywho, here's a photo to leave with you. It was taken by Alissa and is of Chris, Kev and I (volunteers) and Neal (another MWSRP team member) on the staff beach at the Conrad Rangali.

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