Sunday, September 29, 2013

You'll be skipping


I am wondering what you are doing now and imagining all the feelings that you would be having this moment. It's not hard to imagine because I vividly remember being at the airport, London bound, April 2011.
Feeling a little sorry for myself because I'm all alone. Feeling uncertain because I've never been to London. Feeling sad because I made friendships that I didn't want to end. Feeling lost because I didn't know where I belonged. Not having a place to stay, not knowing whether I would find work, not knowing anyone, not knowing what will happen.  And the more time I sat there by myself, and the closer I was to being on that plane, I realised, I knew absolutely nothing!!!

The unknown. That part is the most terrifying. But soon enough, or perhaps you've already realised it, that even though NOTHING is guaranteed,  ANYTHING IS possible! You plan flights and accommodation, but what you won't be able to plan, is the best part. The wonderful people you'll meet and the memories you'll have. Some of your best memories will be like shooting stars. They'll   fall out of nowhere and leave you mesmerised. If I know you well, you won't just leave a trail. You'll be skipping with glee and merriment as you leave that trail.

So it's you that will be in Singapore reading this blog this time around. And it's this blog that I'm grateful we've started.  As quoted from your first ever blog to me, things you said that seems fitting for me to copy and paste for you this time around.

"I miss that nervous feeling of the unknown. There is nothing for you to lose, you just have a whole lot of experiences and new friendships to gain!"

 "You are doing what a lot of us only wish to do."

" I am so jealous of you and will live vicariously through your stories."

I'm glad we met for one last time that afternoon :) It was wonderful. Goodbye for now and safe travels from Perth and from me xxx

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