Sunday, September 8, 2013

Cake to decorate

I spent too much time with this cake. Took more time decorating it than baking it! My house mate thought I was mad. Standing in the kitchen, spatula in hand, rotating the cake around and around and repositioning the chocolate shards (which I tried to make but ended in a mess). Then removing them and eventually settling for strawberries instead. It's a chocolate and coffee cake and usually I can't stand decorations that don't compliment the flavour of the cake but in this case the strawberries really needed to be there to add colour.

I brought it to school and the ladies seemed to love it. Phew! I did have SaraLee apple Danish and ice cream as the back up plan. That's the problem with baking a whole cake, you can't taste it without obvious chunks missing.

In case you miss me, I've thrown in a pic of yours truly. It's been difficult getting out of bed and soldiering on when it's cold. This was me on a good morning to work. So glad it's heading towards longer days and Spring!

It's not long until you embark on your adventure of a life time! I'm so envious. I wish I could do something similar. That wanderlust feeling has slowly crept back. When the day isn't so crazy, I often find myself daydreaming about random places I've been and wishing I could be back there again. I know I'll miss you but I'm counting on updates here ;)

Have a lovely weekend :)

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