Sunday, September 22, 2013

Four more days

That is how many teaching days I have left until the term break.

I woke up at 2am this morning thinking about the school camp. What have I forgotten? What other items do the children need to bring? Have I confirmed numbers for catering? Have I booked all venues? I had to force myself to leave those thoughts to rest and eventually went back to sleep.

But at 5am I couldn't sleep any longer so I went in Crazy Cooking Chia mode. I made yogurt scones (which fell flat and looked terrible but tasted great!), orange and poppy seed cake (this turned out light and oh so divine!) and I tried out a new recipe for walnut and oat vegetarian burgers (in the fridge and will be rolled into patties and pan fried for lunch).

Unlike today, yesterday's weather was glorious. In the afternoon I went for a walk to Foxes Lair, the same place we went when you came here. I've caught the cold thanks to being out in the rain during Friday's sports carnival and should've been resting but I really needed to get out. It was just what I needed.

Peace and clarity.

And I started feeling happy again. The wildflowers and a couple of ducks swimming in the abandoned pit made me breathe a great sigh of thankfulness for all the little beautiful things that comes with Spring and nature.

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