Sunday, September 29, 2013


Hi Chia!

I'm going nuts with the posts!

As I am doing my last minute clean up before I leave, I found this quote in my notebook that I wrote earlier this year when I was at work. I was so in awe at past Anna's insight of what was to come, that I wrote it out again today to reaffirm its positivity in my mind:

Some people may think I'm a failure for resigning and walking away from law . Some may think I'm irresponsible for not using my money for a deposit on a house but on a 6 months trip. Others may think I'm nuts for starting acting and seeing where it takes me, with no real end goal or idea on how it's going to turn out. For all I know I may just end up as a marine biologist or do something in marketing or communications.

Whatever it is; whatever choice I make, it's going to be mine. If it's a choice that leads me down an unexplored route, so long as it's going to be one that makes me feel happy, I will put on my trekking boots and damn well make sure I leave a trail. :)

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