Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wheels in motion

Hi Chia!

It's been a while for both of us. But I am so happy to see you back blogging!

Your big breakfast looks amazingly delicious! Today it has been raining non stop and the dampness has chilled me down to the bone. My toes are clammy and cold as we speak! So your breakfast looks so good right now (at 3.20pm!).

I've had a quick look over the last few posts and realised that there as been a lot that has happened on my side which I haven't written about.

Firstly, I've kick started in the direction of...this is so random - acting!

It's always been something that has been making appearances in my journals since high school. Once in a while, there would be some entry saying 'I know this sound so silly and so irresponsible, but I dream of getting into the character of someone else and act.' After realising this, I decided that since I had all this free time and I was going to make an effort to be kind to myself, I decided to give 'the foolish dream' a go. It has been a fast, fun and exciting period of my life. I was so surprised that the people that I've met along the way were exactly like me! And the more and more I chat to them and others in the industry, the more I realised that I had always felt like an outsider in the legal field.

If you wanna check out my progress in the acting thing, I've set up an acting page on Facebook, as recommended to me by an actor. You can find it here.

Secondly, and this one is a biggie. I don't think I've mentioned it on here yet, but Kev and I are soon leaving on a six months trip away! We bought one way tickets to Male in the Maldives and we jet set on 30 September 2013!

The big trip was also something I've been writing about to myself in my journals since early university days - just after my first trip to Europe in early 2005. I dreamed about doing it after uni. The plan was to go travelling before getting articles in a law firm. However, that didn't happen. I was offered the opportunity to do my articles at a national insurance law firm, and as such, I put my dreams on hold.

And when the money came in, and life threw me a spanner in the works with relationships breaking down, finding my birth family, starting a new relationship, making new friends and settling into the routine of a young professional, I found that I started losing control of my life. I was a slave to the schedule, to the parties, to the group trips being organised etc. Eventually, after becoming more and more discontent with my life, I started to pull myself out of the fast lane, and tried to focus my goal.  For a while, I wasn't even sure about my goal. I was being torn between getting a house, or going on that trip I've been dreaming about.

I then came to a realisation that would change my direction, and shock Kev. It meant so much to me that I wrote it down, as a promise to myself:

I told Kev this, and at first he was shocked and then sad. He said he would miss me. I was scared about telling him about this, but I knew I had to or I'd be unhappy for the rest of my life; regretting that I never did it; angry at the world for the mistake that I made. He supported my dream, and then after a few months of telling him what I planned on doing, Kev then asked me 'Can I come too?'.

And there we have it. I like to think that I would have still gone ahead and planned the trip. But to be honest, I think it is an accumulation of the dream, Kev's support and the quick decline in my job satisfaction at my workplace, that has made this possible. In between the day that I made the promise to myself till today, there were definitely times where I was very close to almost letting the dream go. Having Kev there was like having a running buddy. Someone to help keep you on track. It also made things more exciting for the both of us. We both started to share the anticipation and the planning.

In the next few days, I'll try an blog more about our plans! :)

Hope to hear from you soon!!!! 

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