Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reading and catch ups

Hi Chia!

It sounds like you're having a blast with your family and friends!

It's just amazing how cities like London continue to inspire and awe residents like yourself. Perth just seems like it never really changes. Actually, it's more like Perth is perpetually under construction, but it never changes to something that inspires any sort of wonderment or curiosity.

We gain new buildings which are to be filled with new shops (most being already established everywhere else in Australia, and has Perth finally caught up with it) and eateries (none of them thus far has been iconic, except for the Greenhouse).

The only places of wonderment for me is the breathtaking coastline and perhaps Kings Park and UWA. So seeing your photos was a lot of fun!

Any who, back here I've been preoccupying myself with reading! It has allowed me to escape and travel to foreign places and learn new cultures (even if a lot of them have been fictitious) I've started reading the Song of Fire and Ice books and I am completely immersed in the first book - Game of Thrones. Chia, the books are sooooo good. They are just like the tv show, but with more depth and even more layers. Whenever I've explained the books so anyone, I say 'the writing is so good, that the words just disappear from the page and the characters and stories just flow!' I cringe when I hear myself repeat myself to different people, but there is no other way of explaining how awesome the books are.

Oh! I just read your new blog post! Off again! Porto? The photos do look like Valencia, and a summer that I am really missing! I hope you have a great time and you manage to get access to the net to post more! Tell me how the markets are and what other tours you end up taking your parents on.

Speaking of food, last night Kev and I tried dinner at The Heritage on a double anniversary date with Shaz and Chins. It's a new restaurant on St Georges Terrace in front of the new BHP building. It has this 1930s feel to it, from the decor to the uniforms of the waitstaff. I didn't bring a camera, however I was able to get some photos.

While Kev and I waited, we got hungry and ordered the cheese soufflé.

This was creamy and soft and just yum. Soon after Shaz and Chins arrived and they ended up ordering the same thing for their entree. We had a p ret big meal, however, the rest of the food was pretty average for the price they charged. I think the best dishes were perhaps the cheese soufflé, Kev's scallop risotto and the lemon soufflé with white chocolate.

Here is Chin and Kev with their mains.

And me and Shaz, though our mains were cut out, however, they were not really noteworthy.

After dinner, we caught up with Voon who was visiting from Brisbane. She surprised us with her new hair - she had cut off her super long hair for a cute and gorgeous bob!

We got home around 12 or 1 something I think. I can't remember, but all I know is that I was completely shattered and couldn't believe that only a year or two ago, I was able to stay out till 4am in the morning and be up after 3-5 hours sleep and function. Or perhaps I still do function, it just used to not hurt as much :P

I also realized that I haven't gone out in ages either, so perhaps being tired at 1am is due to a lack of practice. Haha!

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