Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magical package

Hi Chia

Thank you for your compliments! It had been a while since I had gone out and dressed up and I was unsure about what to wear etc. You always know how to make me feel gorgeous!

I love the pic of you on the bridge! It looks so summery, fun, free, relaxed! I definitely am missing the summer days now. How has the remaining part of your trip been? Lisbon? I look forward to hearing and seeing the photos of your time there!

Keep enjoying yourself over there Chia! Perth is always here, and once you've settled it's hard to let go of it. Live live live until you feel like you've lived enough out there, and you want to establish your roots! =D

OH! And now, for the main subject of my post - I've just received your package!

It was a curious thing; big and weird shaped. I had no idea what it could be, until I saw your pretty handwriting scribbled under the 'description of contents' on the declaration sticker - a lamp.

I was a little confused at first - a lamp? But then I remembered that you had gone to Turkey, and I remember ed the photos of you at the markets with all the colourful lamps. I didn't believe that you would have gotten me such a large thing until I had opened it!

And oh my! Thank you so much! It's so beautiful! When I read your card saying that you had chosen it because when you hold it up against sunlight the blues are like the sky and ocean, I immediately re-packed the lamp up and walked down the road to the beach.

I wanted to see how the lamp would look with the sunlight against it.

The beautiful sunset that I nearly missed.

My wonderful lamp!

I haven't figured out how to open it up to put a light bulb in it, nor have I figured out where I would put it, but I love love love it. It even smells like incense and spices from a far away place. The blue does remind me of the sky and ocean! When I saw the sunlight hit it, the cooling, sapphire glow were as if some magical genie had awoken from his sleep.

I am definitely going to keep this lamp for the time when I one day, do move out and into my own place =)

Thank you soooo much for taking me on your trips with you. I do love experiencing an essence of your travels!

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