Monday, July 23, 2012

Last night in Porto

Hi Anna!

Oh I have been checking the blog hoping to hear from you!!!You've been missed and I've been wondering what you've been up to.

It's always a delight to see photos of you and more of a bonus of other friends;) hehe.. how cute a double date! I can't believe it's been another year for you. It feels as if it was only yesterday when you and Kev celebrated it :) Although Kev and Chin look very much in love too! Looking smoking with your red lippie. Love how it matches your blazer. Kev is one lucky man! Anyone would want you... including me :p Ok no lessy stuff. Just showing the love.

I will have to watch season 2 of Game of Thrones. If I run out of episodes I would definitely pick up the books to read too. At the moment I know I'll be moving I'm resisting buying any books as I wont have time to read them. I'm a bit disappointed about Khal. I bet he comes back alive later on though. Oh he is one sexy beast in a very strange beasty way. I think I'll be terrified if I ever came across someone like that in real life.

I'm a little uncertain how I'll react when I go to Perth for a visit. It will be the longest I've ever been away from Perth. I do miss it though. Even today I thought of Perth and how beautiful it is when I was at one of the beaches in Porto. It reminded me of Cottosloe. Today, my parents wandered somewhere and I was left with one hour (that went by too fast) to spend baking in the sun. The shore consisted of tiny pebbles the size of your thumb and smaller. I hope it's OK to pinch a few pebbles. They were very unusual marbled colours, very smooth and almost rounded in shape. The strangest thing was the freezing cold water! It wasn't extremely hot for a swim, about 25C, but I had to dip my feet in to say I've stepped in the Atlantic Ocean. I certainly did not expect it to be that cold! There were only three children frolicking in the water and I have no idea how they were able to handle the cold. Madness!

If only it was warm water like the summers in Perth. I'm starting to think that after a couple of years I'll actually move back. I could do with living near the ocean too. One can only dream..... all this sun her and regular walks down the river is making me want to live in Perth again. Not to mention how much I've missed everyone!!! I'll get you back into the swing of late nights with several sessions of catching up over drinks and dancing the night away. I wonder if we will manage to even stay up beyond 12. I can't last past 11 myself!  I also hope the winter isn't too cold for you. For once, Perth's temperatures are cooler than London's. How annoying that the sun decided to come out in London after we've left.

Mercado Bolhao was no where as good as the one in Valencia. It was a bit disappointing and there wasn't a lot of stalls. Nevertheless, mum and dad really enjoyed looking at the fresh seafood they had on sale. You wouldn't believe these huge octopus tentacles they had on sale that were as wide as my wrists. I shudder to think the size of these octopuses. Correct me if I'm wrong but I remember you don't like those suckers on tentacles and the squid they serve in dim sum creeps you out a bit. Haha!

Tomorrow we are catching a morning train to Lisbon. Just like all the cities I visit, I end up falling in love with them and it's no different for Porto. I'll end here with photos of the riverside and some of the seafood we've had. Bed time!

We're staying just behind the yellow buildings in the middle of the pic

Bless dad for trying to take a good pic for me! On top of one of the many bridges.

Porto is known for it's port wine and seafood! Various meals we've had. Clockwise port wine, roasted octopus (surprisingly soft and delicious!) and potatoes, shellfish and prawns and beans, grilled codfish Parents are totally loving the seafood here and we've been having it for lunch and dinner.

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