Monday, April 22, 2013

Last night

Good morning!!!

Hopefully this post works using the app.

Ive been awake since 6am. The guys are still asleep and I'm waiting until someone wakes up so I can go back to this little Thai cafe I went to last night for more pad Thai. I'm determined to be on a Thai diet even if it's for breakky.

I forget how cheap it is for meals here. Pad Thai for 40bht = $1.30 at Orchid Cafe. Oh it was delicious. I ended up bumping into Juan the Argentinian here after my nap and we both studied for our dive courses. I had to do my refresher course whilst he was studying for his advance.

I also found out that during his year off he's planning to go through Asia including China! Nothing is set yet and I love how travellers have an open itinerary and just go with it.

Later I decided that I wanted a massage. Persuaded Juan to go along and he loved it! Best 250bht I've spent so far! The ladies really know what they're doing.

So thanks to that, I had a wonderful sleep and now I'm all ready for a day of diving during my refresher course.

Here's the only pics I've taken because ive been too occupied!

Sitting in the hostel's cafe with the dive centre I'm diving with next door.

A snippet of what $6 gets you. I've got the top bunk!

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