Sunday, April 21, 2013

First couple of hours in Khao Lak

Greetings from Khao Lak!

I'm currently functioning on 2 hours of sleep and typing this in the cafe of the hostel I'm staying in.

The flight to Singapore was average. Why do airlines serve egg when it is impossible to do it right when  you're up in the air? My fork was bouncing off the omelette :( From Singapore to Phuket the plane was filled noisy tour groups. Definitely not feeling very rewarded from my frequent flyer points.

Anyway for 180bht a night, which equates to $6, I find myself in a room with three other men from Argentina, Canada and America that have travelled on their own. I had a chat with them and discovered they are all seasoned divers and for various reasons have taken a year off work to travel. I love how they only have plans for the next week.

I just thought it'd be fun to meet people this way and also to 'rough' it out a bit even though it's rather clean here. I might end up splurging on a nicer place when I get back from my live aboard.

For the rest of the day I'll take it easy, a bit of a nap, walk on the beach and get my scuba gear ready for my refresher course tomorrow. Oh and may go out and check out the bars with the guys!

Wish me blue skies and calm waters :)  Seasickness please stay away!

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