Monday, April 8, 2013

Jamie's Italian

Hi Chia!

Hope things are well, how did the school assembly pan out?

The weekend that just passed, went so quickly! I guess that's normal after having a long weekend for Easter. I'm writing this post while on the train to work.

Had quite a busy weekend actually. However, I'll tell you about my Friday night.

Kev, Clem, Drew, Katie and I all met up at Jamie Oliver's new Italian restaurant in Perth. Kev, Clem and I rocked up at 5pm on the dot as they were not accepting bookings and the lady on the phone advised Clem that the line would get long at 5.30pm.

There was already a line when we arrived! However, we three just enjoyed the chat and catch up. We were not particularly hungry which helped. The restaurant was mindful of the people waiting and brought out some platters for the eager eaters to try out while they wait.

Nearly at the front of the line

Hrmmmm Olives....

The staff were all so friendly. They really loved their job. I also noted that a lot of them had an English accent too.

At around the 40 minute mark, we were finally allowed in the restaurant. Drew and Katie arrived and we walked up to the hostess. She asked for our a name and a contact number as there were no tables
available as yet, and they needed us to put our name down! We were actually ok with that, and opted to have a few drinks at the bar while we wait for our table.

First round

Here we ordered a few drinks, all of which were yum, and continued chatting. I also had a chance to talk to the bar man and ask whether he was from Perth. He said that he and a lot of the staff were from Jamie's 'At Home' restaurant in London. I just marveled at how much everyone working at the restaurant that night just loved what they did. You could tell it in their face, their body movements and how earnest they performed each task that they were happy to be there.

These kind of people I love watching. I watch in both jealousy and for inspiration. I want to find a job that makes me just as enthusiastic, excited, and drives me to perform every task whole heartedly.

The decor of the restaurant was something I'm sure you would love! It was rustic and homely when you glance at the lighting, the table settings and decorations such as the coat hanger at the door. However, there were touches of classy tradition such as the grand chandelier and the manner in which the staff presented themselves. They were formal and informative but they were relatable and they definitely made you feel at home.

After a further 30 minutes at the bar, we were led to our booth and we all enjoyed the atmosphere, the company and the food. Here's some pics:

Cool light

Interesting coat hanger and an umbrella holder?

Just in case we forgot where we were eating

Meat platter

Complementary bread!

Fish platter

Katie and I happy with our booth and cocktails!

Kev, Clem and Drew getting ready to order

On a funny note, Clem put me onto this. We got onto a Perth Meme! :)

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