Sunday, June 3, 2012

Neverending adventures... next destination: Turkey

Hi Anna

As you know, I am going to TURKEY on Tuesday! A few days ago I decided to spend the week break away from London. Good decision seeing that it has started raining again and will be grey for the next week.

I managed to get return flights to Istanbul for 150 pounds return and arriving back in London the following Tuesday. Initially I thought  about another city in Spain but eventually settled on Turkey. I think it's my love for all things unusual, adventure, chaos, exotic, bazaars, markets, delicious food (I'm hoping more hummus and falafel) that enticed me. Especially after having so much fun in Jordan, I think Turkey would be spectacular!

I'm excited about Istanbul, but more about Goreme. I will catch a short plane ride after three nights in Istanbul to Goreme, which is famous for it's rock formations. I've never even heard of the place a week ago, but once I read about it and saw the pictures, I knew I had to go there!!!

Fingers crossed the weather is great and I get to hop onto a hot air balloon and take some magnificent shots like these!


I won't be blogging because I'll be travelling light but I will definitely be updating on facebook and instagram.

Keep you posted!

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