Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer is finally here!

Hi Anna

YAY happea days you are loved too :) I'm glad you found The Alchemist so inspiring and everything that you wrote was exactly how I felt after reading it too which was why I wanted to share the book with you.

Yesterday I went to Borough Markets with Chrissy and Alex. It was a splendid sunny Saturday and it had to be spent outdoors. On Friday I tried to organise picnic at Hampstead Heath but the only confirmation I got was from Chrissy so we thought we'd go to Borough Markets and for a walk along the Thames instead.

With our apple/orange cranberry juice

Along Thames River. Such a sweet couple aww!
Where we were walking. I wish London was like this everyday!!!
What a grand idea! Socialising, exercising and drinking all in one.Would love to do this. Maybe someone in Perth can start a barcycle?

It was truly a beautiful day and there was so many people around you could really feel the change of mood. I was infinitely happier to have direct contact with the sunshine rays although I came back home a little sunburned.

About a couple of weeks ago I found out some exciting news and I went celebrating with Benny for a Mexican meal and we watched American Pie Reunion. I have to say it was very funny to start off with, but I fell asleep towards the end. I cannot stay up after 10pm! I've  really enjoyed having him around although we have our little bickers. Currently he is somewhere in Italy doing his first ever backpacking trip by himself. I'm a little worried for him being his first time and all but I am sure he will come back with a few good stories.

Green rice, beans and shredded pork

We also spent the next day wandering through town and visiting Chinatown to have some dumplings that I've been meaning to try. I have been buying all sorts of things to bring back with me including the cutest pair of salt and pepper shaker.  They will remind me of London and I love how the rabbits are facing in different directions.

I made oven baked chicken nuggets coated in cornflakes (which I had fun crushing) and herbs and invited Lauren over. I love cooking for other people and it was lovely to have my brother and Lauren try my first attempt of this recipe from Lauren's CSIRO recipe book.
Can't figure out how to rotate it on blogger!

I've been covering a reception class (5 year olds) and the students have been making Mr Grass Heads using stockings, grass seeds, and packing it in with sawdust. I think it's hilarious that they are multicultural. We forgot the mouths though.

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