Sunday, May 13, 2012

To market! Two markets!

Dear Anna

Another week post from me :)

I can't believe it's been a week since my short post and my brother is here in London! As I type he is downstairs googling  and looking up accomodation. It's so strange to think that he is going through what I went through except of course he has a lovely sister to look after him!

I've been taking a lot of photos for you. Last Sunday I went to Shoreditch and the markets around Brick Lane including the Sunday Upmarket. I forget how much I LOVE secondhand shopping and looking through other people's junk. Something beautiful about old worn things that bears memories of the owner over the years. There were other things for sale and I searched high and low for something I liked but I only came out with a pair of vintage cute patent bow ballet flats with a tiny heel.

Bikes you can hire to cycle around London

Lots of secondhand and new clothes sold
After you said the pic of me in Brighton with the lobster reminded you of Simpsons, it stuck in my mind and this knitted prawn brooch reminded me of you mentioning it! I love the dog brooch too and I thought of you. This store had really cool designer jewellery but they were so expensive :(

I had the chicken one and they were delicious! Very similar to the Malaysian curry puffs.

Some of the newer items for sale
Section of the market
Street performer with ball
East side. Plenty of Indian restaurants on Brick Lane.
The crowd
Ta da! Haven't worn them out yet!

 On Thursday morning I woke up nice and early to meet my brother at the airport. Turns out he was there before I was. I have a bad habit of being late to airports and making people wait! Yikes! He brought 3 boxes of SHAPES for me. I miss these biscuits the most and I can't justify paying £4 a box here from Selfridges. BBQ shapes were devoured first :)

Happy? YES!
My Venus fly trap has not been able to catch any insects but it is still alive! In fact, I allowed it to flower by mistake resulting in this strange looking singe stalk. After googling I found out that I shouldn't let that happen as it prevents the fly traps from growing.
My cacti and odd looking flower stalk of venus fly trap
Yesterday I felt a bit lonely and it was nice that Pene was free and she even made me lunch! I love being cooked for. On my way there I walked past my old place. Big sigh!

Pene made pan fried mackerel and salad with a delicious onion soya dressing that I must get off her :)
Do you notice something about these photos?
Shops I took for granted when I lived in Hampstead
Miss it all the time!
I want to live in one of these mansions
Like the three colours of my shoes, book and bag. I picked up this old book filled with English/ Irish proverbs from Oxfam.Was a lot of fun to read and I love how it's cloth bound embossed with gold lettering.
Finally, today I went to Portobello Market. My brother went and explored south London and I met up with Chrissy! I don't know about her but I had a lot of fun looking at bric a brac and all sorts. It was funny hearing her tell me about her morning experience cycling in London on the Barclay's bikes you saw in the pic above. There are crazy drivers out there and I have to praise anyone that is gutsy enough to have a go on the road.

Tourists everywhere
Avoided going in there in case I leave with a pet fish or something like that.
Lost soles/souls haha!
Found this fantastic secondhand shop on my way home.
I went home with this old suitcase for £25 . It's the cutest and the lining has pink areoplanes all over it. Will take a picture of me carrying it and also to show you the lining.

Chrissy helped me pick this one out. £5 It's a French fashion magazine cover. that I'm going to frame one day. Can you spot something peculiar about this? It was the reason why I bought it! A talking piece.
 Nautical tin and rabbit for £3. My mantel is looking a little crowded.
 I suddenly have this impulse to buy all things vintage, decorative and pretty. I think after talking to Pene and her secondhand/ opshopping has brought up my old habits once again. I don't know how I am going to cart all these items back with me. One thing I love about London is that there are so many beautiful old items to be had!

That's all for now.
Enjoy :)

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