Monday, May 21, 2012

The Alchemist

Hi Chia!

I finished The Alchemist! The first novel I've finished in years! I love love love it. Thank you for recommending it to me!

The thing that I love about The Alchemist is the encouragement to listen to the signs and omens, which I interpret it as 'intuition.' All the things that Paulo Coelho said about when you want something the whole universe helps you get it, I totally understand and believe in.

I remember back in high school that I wanted to do law. That was my dream. I remember going to a law talk at the University with Dad and sitting in the Hall thinking 'man... it would be impossible to get into law here.' However, I was determined. I wanted it. And even though I had some huge set backs, I eventually got there. The journey getting into law revealed opportunities which I took because I was open to seeing and accepting the 'signs'.

I am beginning to realize that I've lost something. That joy, happiness and carefree enthusiasm that I used to feel has been stomped out by practicality, reasonableness, doubt and the seriousness of life. I started playing safe, and deep down I think I always knew that I was consciously staying on the line, as I've never felt completely content. However, it was only when I was read the Alchemist, that I realized that somewhere down the track, I chose to ignore my intuition, and I probably started doing so because I got hurt following it.

But, I think my intuition has ultimately served me right. By following it I have addressed the pain of the past and I do not regret any decision I have made. It's the present situation that I am in, the current issues which have been around for a couple of years, that I have been ignoring the signs and pushing away what my heart is trying to tell me.

My life has been so fast paced with work, unplanned trips, continuous sport, being what people want me to be, and I have realized that I now have trouble sifting through all of the information, daily events, emotions, ideas and expectations to find out what I really want.

But that's going to change. I am taking a step back to breathe.

I am so glad that I have read The Alchemist to help me return back to myself.

What a gift Chia... Thank you so much :)

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