Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Turkey to London and I'm home!

Dear Anna

Oh boy! I just got home about half an hour ago and I'm waiting for my pasta to be al dente. Strange after a week in Turkey, what I craved most when I got home was tomato base pasta! However I immediately dug into 4 pieces of delightful Turkish delight to stretch out my holiday a bit longer. I bought them in various flavours, not just the usual rose flavoured ones. When I upload some pics you will see for you rself :) If only I could post them back home.

I am also exhausted with fluctuating waves of emotions running high and low. On the flight back I watched various programmes that contributed to this madness. First I wanted to traverse across countries with friends or even do a road trip thanks to By Any Means, next I bawled my eyes out whilst watching We Bought a Zoo and also laughed out loud. Did not care that it was a full flight and foundation was rubbing off onto my cardi. Finally, I fell in love again with London after watching Megacities.

The love factor plummeted when peering from the window, all I could see was grey gloomy clouds a few minutes before touching down. Instantly, holiday blues kicked in. Hate. BUT I'm not going to complain because I had a wonderful time in Turkey. I definitely loved the peacefulness and landscape of Goreme, but Istanbul left me with new friends :)

I will blog with pictures soon!


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