Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Florence, Italy

Hi Chia!

I am so happy that you received the postcard and bracelet!

I was getting anxious thinking that it may have gotten lost or something!

When I bought the bracelets, I was looking for something that was distinctively Turkey/Istanbul but something that was subtle enough to wear out in Perth!

So, I've been a little slack on blogging here, I am so sorry. I am trying to blog on both here and the travel blog with Kev and admittedly, majority of the blogging time has gone on the other page.

I've been thinking that I will try and focus the blogging on here for the small things that amuse me, and perhaps some more personal insight on what's happening in my mind.

The trip so far has been interesting. That being the word. I feel as if days go by in a blur at times, and admittedly, there are days where I don't even realise I'm traveling (which is bad). However, the one thing that remains consistent is that I don't feel ready to return back to Perth. There is something out here. I can weirdly feel it. But for some reason I do feel like there is something holding me back from getting there.

I am in this transition period where I just don't know what's going to happen next in my life. I have some idea how I would like things to go, but for most days, I don't feel in control of what's happening so far. It's a little frustrating admittedly. But oh wells.

On a brighter note, here are some happy snaps for you as requested! The weather is getting colder (though so far the last few days have been pretty 'warm', that being, warmer than Rome!).

First glance at Florence!

Yay! I'm in Florence!

A notebook that I purchased today!

I had to make note of where I bought this notebook! :)

I constantly wish you were here! It would be so awesome exploring the art galleries, eating gelato, discussing how beautiful it is, and how we would be if we were here in Florence back in the day when the city started to emerge!

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