Monday, December 2, 2013

All the way from Istanbul

Aw Anna!!!! Thank you for the postcard and gift! I LOVE IT! I love how dainty it is and the lucky charms are just gorgeous. Perfect gift too because I'm in need of some luck.

I know we do chat a lot but it's a real treat to know you're thinking about me and taking the time to write and post something. I wish I could do the same for you. But I'm so envious that you have the freedom to be anywhere you want to. I really hope you enjoy it as much as you can and truly satisfy as much of that wanderlust you have.

Of course if I were with you we'd be partying and having the time of our lives. Ibiza comes to mind. I wish with all my might that in this moment I could be teleported to Florence with you. I loved Florence as much as I loved Istanbul but for different reasons. Florence gave me beautiful memories that I shared with my parents. The memories of strolling down cobbled streets, deciding on our flavours of gelato, shopping for leather bags... I am very happy to hear you're having some extra time in Florence and just taking it at an easy pace.

I do hope you post more photos. I can't get enough of seeing your smile! You look very cute in your winter outfit. Such a contrast to weather to Maldives.

The photos of Santorini are just stunning! I adore the architecture and choice of colour. It seems to be the perfect romantic destination.

And yes, one day we'll have to do a holiday over again. Who knows? We could be having hamams together or feasting our eyes on hot Turkish men... The thought makes me want to stop spending frivolously on clothes and such and channel it towards an Anna and Chia travel fund :p

Well my day today was rather unexciting. Monday's are a struggle and it became better thanks to you :)

I was in Perth briefly for the weekend and that was lovely. Saw familiar faces and caught up with a friend that's soon to be a mum!

Well that's it from me. It's been busy and there's no stopping just yet. Take care and happy travelling Anna xxx

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