Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome back and bringing baking back

Annnna! Welcome back and congratulations on the news :) We will have to do a post work celebration. It's great to hear from you again and I cannot wait to see what other things you'll get up to. Like a bat tat.

Haha... Why is it that friends can always make you laugh with just the smallest things?

As requested, here's photos of what I baked today. Ham and pea quiche tarts, berry and sour cream muffins, cracked pepper crackers, cranberry and coconut muesli bars and chocolate chip oat cookies.

The odd shaped cookie cutters brought back memories of travels. The apple and brolly ones were from an art museum in Vienna two Christmases ago. I think the deer one was from Budapest. Cute but not very practical because the narrow bits burn easily. Haha!

Literally rolled out of bed at 6am and baked for 5 hours straight. Felt superb to be baking purely for fun and no one else.

Now I've got a fridge and pantry with food to come home to. I've already eaten two muffins, four tarts, a handful of crackers and a cookie. Oh dear!

I'm going to bring these yummy quiches to share with the staff. The lovely ladies are such expert bakers I'm very hesitant to bring anything in unless I feel the result is up to their standards!

PS. Yes country people do make their own jams and trade vegetables from their garden. Isn't that just wonderful?

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