Friday, March 22, 2013

Two weeks and soon a weekend in Perth

Good morning Anna :)

Great post on your hiking adventure. What a shame about the weather. It looks like London all over again. I think I would've stayed in bed if I had a choice.

You'll have to come visit me one day. There's plenty of room in the house and hopefully by then I would've made a few more friends and checked out one of the three pubs they have here. Haha!

Today marks two weeks of teaching. I've been swamped with work and my list of to-dos is never ending. Nevertheless I finally found time and allowed myself to be dragged by my housemate to a session of box fit on Tuesday. I still have sore arms but it was well worth it to get out of the house and ogle at the instructor.

Random notes:
1. I overcooked my kangaroo steak last night and it was terrible.
2. I had pizza shapes and Smith's crinkle cut chicken chips for dinner the night before.
3. Still loving my half hour drives to and from work.
4. This is also because drivers in the country are friendly and they steering-wheel-palm wave at you.
5. We successfully  rid of the millipede invasion by spraying Mortein until we nearly passed out.
6. Country  living also means going to the ladies toilet and gasping in shock because there is one golf ball sized hairy spider all hunched up on the roll of toilet paper.
7. And chances of having snakes inside the classroom seems highly likely.
8. Can't decide whether to drive back to Perth late afternoon or tomorrow early morning.
9. Either way I'm looking forward to dim sum!!!!!

Happy Friday :) 

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