Sunday, February 12, 2012

Snowing in the middle of summer!

Hey Chia!

How is Jordan?! I know you're probably having a marvelous time there!

Back here, we have experienced some unusual weather.

It is the middle of the Australian summer, however, last night I was able to experience a beautiful fluffy white 'snow' fall on the streets of of the City.

When I say snow, I say feather snow!

As part of the annual arts festival, a French performing arts company provided a free show called "Place des Anges".

Throughout the week when I was in the office, I saw these cables being put up on the top of the buildings in the city. I then saw people on these cables, not knowing what was going on- it intrigued me. So after a work mate of mine explained to me why these cables were being put up, I asked Kev if he would like to go.

So... we arrived in the city approximately 2 hours prior to the show. I ended up making us sit on the curb of St Georges Terrace. It amused me as this street is usually jammed packed full of traffic, buses and people, and here we were sitting on the curb!

Sitting on the curb

Right where the buses would normally drive by

Waiting, and bored...
The show finally started at 8pm... with light-hearted music setting the mood.

The kids were all gasping in delight when they saw the angels descend from the building tops to dance across the sky.

An angel

Giant angel v tiny angel!
 It was magical.

There was something about their white figures twirling across the black skyline that caught the imagination. They started off with a small amount of feathers which the ever present breeze blew to the left of us. It was still beautiful, but after a while I started getting anxious that we would not get any feathers fall on us.

I was wrong.

Dead wrong.

The French performers released almost 2 tons of feathers last night. So many feathers that by the end of the night, Kev and I were walking in feathers that were knee high!

It's snowing!

Snow ball!
Here are some videos!

We left the CBD with feathers EVERYWHERE. They were stuck in Kev's polo shirt, and were hidden in my handbag and hair.

This afternoon, Kev's parents asked us what happened, as they saw these 'random' white feathers sprinkled around the garage door. They thought that perhaps a stray cat had gotten a bird and had taken it into the garage. After we told them where we had gone, it was as if a light had clicked, and they mentioned that they were confused about the 'random' feathers that they saw on their walk this morning in East Perth. =P

The feathers have escaped!

Free souvenirs or stowaways?

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